Yoga at Work

Yogaliverpool provide classes in the workplace for teams of busy professionals who appreciate that health and fitness are essential to maintaining high performance in business.

The average employee is working more hours, has much greater responsibility and is dealing with pressures and challenges than ever before. Our corporate classes not only benefit employees by improving morale and reducing stress but can have an overall effect of enhancing the entire corporate environment. Sitting at a desk for hours can leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish as well as causing physical problems such as back pain, tense neck and shoulders. Working long hours can lead to stress which is now the most common ailment in the workplace. Taking time out of your day with a Yoga or Pilates session will help to alleviate these imbalances.

The many benefits of Yoga and Pilates include improved focus, increased motivation and energy and a decrease in stress levels. Each session can help to address problems such as bad posture and help to boost the immune system.

Our team of highly professional and experienced teachers are able to work with large groups of people. Sessions can be arranged to fit in with your working day – early mornings, during lunchtime or perhaps straight after work?

Please call us to discuss your options and arrange your first lesson.


Yogaliverpool offer a flat rate of only £40 per 60 minute session, regardless of location, in or around Merseyside, or time of day.

Discounts can be given for block bookings.

We require 24 hours notice should you need to cancel or make changes to a pre-booked session. Any changes or cancellations made with less than 24hours will normally be charged at the full rate.